Really shouldn’t blog on an empty head…

I’m new to this blogging lark, I’m still trying to define what I want to write about and what hat to wear whilst doing it (let’s be honest, I still can’t decide how best to use my twitter account, and that only requires 140 characters).  How about professional?  Hmmm, not sure I am ‘authoritative’ enough.  Aspiring professional?  What if I don’t produce enough quality or quantity to raise my profile, or worse still end up writing something that damages it?  Ok, so personal then.  But not too personal, right?  It doesn’t take too much effort to join the dots, and Leslie Grantham gave us an important lesson in online conduct.  What about a super-secret alter-ego that has total freedom of speech?  Oh but then who would actually read my blog, because I couldn’t recommend it to my friends or anything, and it would end up as more of an online diary.  Somebody very wise recently told me that it’s generally difficult to be anybody but yourself on-line, and that rather than deciding who to be in public, it is more a case of deciding whether to go public in the first place.  I’ve clearly decided on that issue, so I will put some further thought into my focus and get back to you.

In the meantime, I’ve just discovered which I think I may visit rather a lot until I get into the swing of things!

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Empty Store

Empty Store (Photo credit: Jim Rees)

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