Update on “Welcome to the desert of the real” – My journey with Asperger’s

A little while ago I reposted an article I wrote nearly two years ago when I was first diagnosed with Asperger’s, called “Welcome to the desert of the real” and said I would write an update at some point.  Here are some thoughts I have been having.

I get bored with reading lots of articles that go on about my “problems”, “issues”, “deficits”, “difficulties” and “weaknesses”, and my “struggle” with my “condition”, “syndrome”, “disease”, “disorder” or “disability”.  I was recently personally requested by a parent, who had heard me speak at a training session, to chat to her adult son about living with AS.  She wanted me because the things I said had resonated with her, and had resonated with her son when she relayed them to him at home.  The person who approached me said that what I could offer him, which she couldn’t herself, was first-hand understanding and insight.  That which is so often viewed as a “flaw”, something which must be “treated”, was now being requested as a skill.  I am happy to chat to this lad, and hopefully help him, but I am not a trained mentor or coach, nor am I a therapist.  I hope that there is going to be no pressure to pass on the secrets to my perceived success, because if they think that I have found the secret to combatting the frustration, anxiety and perfectionism related to AS, then they may be disappointed.  I’m hoping to be able to offer what my mentor gives me, a knowing look and a nod, which lets me know that I’m not going mad and I’m not alone.

My Aspie desert now has some things growing in it, some of them are flourishing.

© Catastraspie, 2012.

Green Desert Sunset

Aspie Green Desert Sunset (Photo credit: nebarnix)

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