Straw poll about co-existing conditions with ASC

I’m really interested in conditions that co-occur, overlap and are misdiagnosed in people who have an autism spectrum condition.  This includes diagnoses you may have been given that have since been superceded by the diagnosis of an ASC, and diagnoses you have been given but disagree with.  The poll is unofficial and informal, but might feed into my thinking in the future.  If you are happy to join in, please do, but there’s absolutely no obligation (it’s anonymous!).  Please excuse the overtly medicalised approach, which is partly due to the fact that my brain can’t help categorising, but also because diagnoses are so often the key (or barrier) to particular support services or experiences (and stigma), and play a part in an individual’s narrative.

Apologies if you have other diagnoses that are not listed, these are based on anecdotal reports and my reading so far. If I’ve missed something obvious, please use the ‘other’ box.

In due course I will write another post summarising the results (including the ‘other’ responses), but I have to say, it’s looking really interesting already!  Thanks to everyone who’s filled it in 🙂

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