Happy Valentine’s Day… if you do that sort of thing!

Valentine’s Day, it’s a bit of a funny one.  You can’t safely wish someone ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like you would for their birthday or a national holiday, because for many of my friends it is a negative, irritating or unsettling day.

I find card sending in general quite difficult.  It’s never felt natural, I find it almost impossible to know the right words to put in cards, and I’m bad at judging who to send cards to and when.  On top of that, Valentine’s Day has become so commercialised and compulsory, that it’s almost a bit of a turn-off.

Personally, I’ve not had a proper, anonymous, wondering-who-it’s-from kind of card for nearly 20 years… until yesterday, when I found a gorgeous and mysterious hand-made heart in my in-tray (from a dear friend, which I guessed after looking at her face for only half a second – go me and my non-verbal skills!).

So, surely romance is about being spontaneous, doing something unexpected and at the time that feels right – everything that a planned and fixed celebratory day cannot deliver.  Still, as I sign my actual name at the bottom of my predictable, shop-bought, pre-written card, I find myself wondering why I can’t resist joining in.  Then I write the envelope in funny handwriting and quickly bung it in with the post, just to confuse my partner!

© Catastraspie, 2013.

Valentine's Heart

Handmade Valentine’s Heart

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day… if you do that sort of thing!

  1. Deb Johnson says:

    Just a little of something special is great for a partner or loved one – and you are soo right about the commercialisation and that spontaneity is great. Our day included driving from one side of Cornwall to the other, ending up in Tesco’s. We actually have one at the end of the road where we live… 😉

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