Observations on Asperger’s at work

I’ve noticed that in my current and previous job (in admin) tasks that I have actively sought out, enjoyed and done well at, are often tasks that others are more than happy to pass on to me.  Slightly repetitive jobs, audio-transcription that means I can wear headphones and legitimately ignore everyone, staffing the office whilst people are off at meet-and-greets, filing, compiling stats etc.  It’s a double-edged sword though.  When I’m good and speedy at things people find difficult or tedious, they make assumptions about what else I can do.  It can come as a bit of a shock when I struggle with something they find simple, like selecting a photograph for a publication, introducing myself to a group of people, or judging how long it will take to do something.  Obviously I try my hardest never to spoil their illusion 😉  I guess it’s something about finding a niche and being allowed to flourish.

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A flower flourishing

A flower flourishing

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6 Responses to Observations on Asperger’s at work

  1. There are many things that I am great at… but I feel like I will disappoint people when they realize that I am pretty incompetent at other things that they would take for granted. Even stupid things, like not getting lost on my way to a different classroom in the schools where I substitute, or understanding the verbal directions hastily given to me by someone in the office.

  2. Ned B says:

    Great post! I find that the things I’m good at doing, I’m very good at doing. But like you, sometimes the everyday things that others (NTs) find easy, I find a challenge. It makes life interesting.

  3. lee954 says:

    I imagine I’d be good at, and enjoy, doing similar tasks. Unfortunately I’ve never had a job.

    • catastraspie says:

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 As I’m sure you already know, it’s unfortunately really common for people with autism to have difficulty finding, getting and keeping employment. I know there have been several groups campaigning and trying to promote the benefits of employing people with such good attention to detail and other valuable workplace skills, and how to support people better in the work place, but I don’t know how much real world difference it is yet making.

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