Aspie Round the World

Since I started writing this blog late last year, I have been completely fascinated by the blog stats, and in particular the more recently added world map.  I love the way the countries get coloured in, I long for extra bits of my map to light up, and I can’t help but keep hitting that refresh button!  It has become a proper Aspie obsession.

I really want to reach as many countries as I can, which according to Slices of Life is 257 (although WordPress may not count them in the same way).  In order to achieve my dream, I would like to ask you to help me.  I only need one person in each country to look at a single page of my blog, and when I think of it like that, it feels feasible.

So if you know someone in one of my currently unreached countries who might appreciate my blog, please consider forwarding it to them.  I’m sorry that I don’t speak any other languages, which may reduce my accessibility and relevance, but if you can think of just one person I would be eternally grateful.  I will post my updates and the latest map and total here, newest at the top.  Here’s to sending an Aspie round the world!

22 August 2014


125 countries 125 countries

03 May 2013

99 countries99 countries

16 December 2012

90 countries90 countries

29 October 2012

79 countries79 countries

7 October 2012

71 countries71 countries

21 September 2012

68 countries68 countries

19 August 2012

62 countries62 countries

8 June 2012

50 countries50 countries

29 May 2012

46 countries46 countries

17 May 2012

44 countries44 countries

5 May 2012

40 countries40 countries

26 April 2012

38 countries38 countries

24 April 2012

35 countries35 countries

22 April 2012

32 countries32 countries

20 April 2012

29 countries29 countries

18 April 2012

26 countries26 countries

© Catastraspie, 2012.


6 Responses to Aspie Round the World

  1. A Quiet Week says:

    Yay! I LOVE maps. I will be looking forward to watching yours fill up with colors!

  2. Love it. I like the stats and looking at the maps too. Have RT’d for you x

  3. These maps are a fantastic visual representation! I like that you will be able to visually see the growth and change over time. Overall I love your blog! You have used blogging as a means of social interaction, helping you avoid any problems/issue with people’s insensitivity or judgment I read about in a different post. Having had close friends and family members with Aspergers my whole life, I have seen first hand the patronizing judgmental attitudes of those uneducated. This post is particularly social because you are asking your readers to help you complete your goal of reaching out to people. I love how you use this blog to express yourself and communicate with others.

    • catastraspie says:

      Wow, thank you for the lovely comment! 🙂 I feel safest with a computer screen between me and other people, but it is also how I have my most genuine, open and meaningful connections and interactions with other people.

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