Asperger’s in Higher Education

At work I help to raise awareness of Asperger Syndrome in Higher Education (18+ college or university) among staff and students at my institution by contributing to training sessions run by the Disability and Dyslexia Team.  This is the team that also supports students with Asperger’s and mental health issues.  I often get asked for copies of my handouts, so I thought I would try putting some of the information on here.  Caveat: The examples are based entirely on my own experiences as a university student, 3 years as an undergraduate and 5 years as a postgraduate student.  I make no claims that they will apply to others, but hopefully some aspects will resonate.

Cognitive style
Routine and ritual
Sensory issues
Single-input processing
Social interaction

I’ve also added a Q&A section if anybody has any burning questions, and a section with advice for academic writing.


5 Responses to Asperger’s in Higher Education

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  3. Bigger On The Inside says:

    This is great. The thing I wish somebody had told me is:
    “When we give you a reading list, you don’t have to read all ten books in order, starting with the copyright information and finishing with the index. Just find the relevant section, read and take notes, rather than trying to read ten books in two days, then wondering why none of the information seems to stay in your head.”
    I know that seems totally obvious, but I was almost two years at University before someone actually spelled this out to me, and it almost cost me my degree (and sanity….).

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