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Observations on Asperger’s at work

I’ve noticed that in my current and previous job (in admin) tasks that I have actively sought out, enjoyed and done well at, are often tasks that others are more than happy to pass on to me.  Slightly repetitive jobs, … Continue reading

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The road to hell is paved with good intentions

I’m very fond of coffee.  In particular I am very fond of strong coffee from a well-known chain of coffee shops that sprinkle a chocolate bean logo on the foam.  When we go into town with my stepchildren, I consider … Continue reading

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No, I really *really* can’t get the train…

I don’t often bother talking to people about my sensory issues and my intolerance for daily living, After all, everybody at some point feels too hot, or too cold.  Everybody feels pain.  Most people have a food they don’t like, … Continue reading

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The Xmas Grinch… Asperger’s at Christmas

My partner lovingly calls me the Xmas Grinch, because each year I am seemingly reluctant to get in the spirit of things.  It got worse the Xmas I was writing up my PhD, when I had a deadline of 22 … Continue reading

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Superpower envy!

Normally when I think about Aspies and being Aspie, I think of us as the ones with superpowers – being logical, being exact, being effortlessly quirky. However, this week I learned about a neurotypical (NT) superpower that made me green … Continue reading

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I’ve been told my partner and I aren’t an obvious match.  We’ve even joked about it ourselves.  He used to say that we were opposite ends of the spectrum, but since he has also now been diagnosed as Aspie, that … Continue reading

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Stop making value judgements about empathy, please.

I get really uncomfortable when people discuss “empathy” in relation to Asperger’s, and sometimes I get a bit annoyed.  Ok, so I might not intuitively know how you are feeling or what you need, but I care deeply about your … Continue reading

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