Single-input processing

I had to tape record all my lectures and transcribe them at home, because I found it impossible to absorb much information at the time or to take coherent notes.

Area of Asperger’s Syndrome Example Issues I have experienced in Higher Education Solutions that would have helped me
Single input processing Sitting in a lecture Expected to listen to speaker, read slides and make notes at the same time, but can only do one at a time; it takes me longer to process information and questions. Pause talking when putting a new slide up, or giving information that needs to be written down, provide handouts of slides (exact).
Seminars I have difficulty filtering out background noise and other people talking, I have a single input channel. For me to concentrate I need to not be having to try to filter out other stuff. I have to pause the tv if someone speaks to me. One thing at a time. So reading in a group setting with people talking is impossible. Group activities that require several people to discuss an article very difficult as I can’t recall the content without reading right there, but I can’t read because people are talking. Don’t set ‘in class’ reading, send reading (list) and any questions to be discussed in class in advance.

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