Figure 2. Integration paths used in proving th...

Figure 2. Integration paths used in proving the sufficiency conditions for compatibility. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been told my partner and I aren’t an obvious match.  We’ve even joked about it ourselves.  He used to say that we were opposite ends of the spectrum, but since he has also now been diagnosed as Aspie, that joke doesn’t work anymore!  We have very different backgrounds and occupations, and apparently to some people those things are important.  I guess they don’t take the time to see the depth of understanding, that we think the same, that we share the same hopes and dreams, how we use our complementary skills to fill the gaps the other one might have.

The other week something happened that to most may have seemed quite trivial, but which was about to have a massive impact on me.  I didn’t have time to make that much fuss, I think I was still processing it.  But before it had a chance to really mess up my mojo, my partner sorted it out.  Not because he was supposed to, or so that it would impress anyone, he did something he would rather not have had to do in order to catch me before I fell.  Without being asked, he just got it.  He just gets me. 🙂

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Fractal Flower

Fractal Flower (Photo credit: Jonathan Gill)

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  1. Deb Johnson says:

    Very sweet! 🙂

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